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Probate Property Solutions

 Are you inheriting a property that you want to sell but don't know where to start? 

Leerdam Properties Has 3 Home Selling Solutions For You!

FLIP YOUR HOME - Interested in selling for maximum value?

  • We will invest our own time and money to fund and manage the renovations.

  • Once the property sells we are paid back from the proceeds at closing. This means no out of pocket expense for you!

  • This strategy allows you the homeowner to capitalize on the possibility that the home sells for more then estimated!    

CASH OFFER - Not interested in hiring an agent or only want a quick transaction?

  • We have a network of cash buyer who will make you a competitive offer.

  • They buy homes in AS-IS condition regardless of the repairs needed.

  • Flexible closing date to ensure a smooth transaction.

TRADITIONAL LISTING - Interested in selling with little to no repairs for Fair Market Value?  

  • We make preparing the house easy with pre-qualified vendors who can complete a variety of tasks ranging from landscaping to painting.

  • Experienced sales team has been involved in over 900 transactions! This means they have the skills necessary to negotiate the best deal.



As a Benefit to our clients we developed a Personal Representative checklist to help ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Click (Here) to view. 

Interested In Learning What Option May Work For You?

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