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Fix and Sell is win/win because we bring value to your home and because our compensation is based on your success. Our expertise gives us the unique ability to add value to your home that few real estate agents can offer.

Home Assessment


home assessment

Our valuation team will study your property and advise what your home will be worth once all renovations have been completed.

We will analyze your home and recommend which renovation will benefit you the most.  Ultimately the choice is yours.

  • Lender Ready Rehab - This is the minimum rehab needed in order for your home to qualify for a traditional loan.  Financed buyers pay more than cash buyers.  You're already winning.

  • Curb Appeal Enhancement - You'd be amazed how much some landscaping, exterior paint, and pressure washing will enhance your home.  This is often coupled with interior paint and a deep cleaning of the interior.  Now your home is likely to sell faster!

  • Full Interior Renovation - This option is limited to vacant homes because it's an extensive rehab.  We are experts at full scale renovations and giving you the value for your dollar.  Full interior renovations typically last 3 - 6 weeks depending on the size of the job.  Now your home is likely to sell for even more money!



Our sister company LP Design and Renovation LLC is fully licensed and insured.  Our team has experience renovating high end homes with custom designer finishes, as well as traditional homes and rental homes.  Check out some of their work here:



Contract Highlights:

  • Construction Costs. The construction costs shall be determined up front for the work to be performed.

  • Change Orders. If additional work is required or requested by you, we will consult with you and will not do any additional work without your approval.

  • Colors and Finishes. Our team will choose the colors and materials which we believe will maximize the value of the home so you don't have to worry about it.



Now that your home has been prepared for sale, it's time to show it off to prospective buyers!  Our Sales process has four divisions.

  1. Marketing - Nobody will work harder to sell your home that our sales team!  A successful listing starts with preparation and professional photos!  Your home will get maximum online exposure on,, and many other websites frequented by Buyers.

  2. Listing Management - We measure "foot traffic" so we know how well our marketing is working.  It's also a good indicator how the buyers are responding to pricing.  When a strong marketing plan is aligned with a good product you can rest assured the offers will come!

  3. Offer Negotiations - Good negotiating comes with experience.  We sell homes every day and will negotiate the best deal for you.

  4. Contract to Close - Once a contract is signed, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure the contract makes it to closing.  We have a dedicated closing department that has mastered this phase of the sales process and ensures your contract is in good hands.



We advance the funds to fix your house so you don't have any up front costs!  Then the funds are paid back to us when your house sells or six months from the date renovations are completed.

Certain conditions and restrictions apply.  Please CONTACT us to verify if you qualify for this program!

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